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Ilmatsalu is a nice hamlet near Tartu in the middle of Estonia. There is only 12 kilometers to midtown of Tartu. At the same time being only walk away from woods , bogs, birds and animals. We are surrounded by agrarian landscape and the history of the house is closely tied with agronomy.
The buildig of the house was started by Arnold Rüütel ( Estonian president from 2001 till 2006), who was a director of the local sovkhoz on the 1963-1969. The house was ready at the end of the 1974 and it begun it’s work at 1975. There was a little shop, a dining place and rooms for accommodating quests. The house was sold in a auction to a privat proparty and since 1993 it has been a family business.
Our goal is to conserve operaton of the house as a archidectually and historically interesting buidling and to offer work to locals. We reconstructed the rooms and built the sauna. Ilmatsalu Motell now has 11 rooms with 24 places, sauna, two halls for conferences and partyes. There is a possibiliy to tent and stay with caravan.
We are visited by 700 people in a year , 30% of them are foreigners.
There are possibilities for bird wachers, town tourists and extreme sportsmen.

We have been a member of MTÜ Eesti Maaturism for years. (

We have finished project of the buildings renovation and on the first possibility we will start with the rconstruction works.